Third Party Sales Application


Any fundraising activities for the Kodiak Public Library in the name of KPLA must be approved by the KPLA board, and all third party sellers at KPLA events must agree to a minimum donation of 10% of sales. KPLA maintains a point of sale system to reduce the number of third party sales when feasible. Third party sellers who want to sell items in the Kodiak Public Library outside of a KPLA-sponsored event or without donating must receive approval from the Council of the City of Kodiak and the Library Director.

Applications for third party sales must be submitted one month prior to the event UNLESS the third party is invited to sell at the event by the KPLA Events Committee. Late applications may not be considered by the board.


“Third Party Sales” refers to any sales completed by a party other than KPLA or the Kodiak Public Library at a KPLA or Kodiak Public Library event. Third party sales are completed through the third party’s own point of sale system and KPLA receives a donation after the event. This includes, but is not limited to, the following scenarios:

  1. Private book sales by an author at an author reading
  2. A local business selling items at a KPLA event
  3. A workshop host selling their own items/artwork
  4. Ticket sales for third party events, such as ticketed workshops

We enjoy partnering with local third party sellers to make our fundraising events more exciting! To ensure that we provide the best support we can for your third party sale at our event, please provide the following information: 

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