Author Event Application

About KPLA

KPLA is a nonprofit library friends organization that supports Kodiak Public Library collections, programs, and services. Thank you for your interest in coming to Kodiak and supporting our library!

Author Event Policy

Author events at the Kodiak Public Library are sponsored by KPLA and facilitated by KPLA members and Kodiak Public Library staff. Author events are also fundraisers to support the library.

KPLA prefers to obtain books through our local bookseller to maximize our fundraising efforts.

We allow third-party sales, but we will collect a 10% donation of total sales after the event. Third-party sales refers to any sales completed by a party other than KPLA or the Kodiak Public Library at a KPLA or Kodiak Public Library event. Third-party sales are completed through the third party’s own point-of-sale system.

Marketing materials for the event will have KPLA branding. 

Applications for author events must be submitted at least three months before the event to allow sufficient time for KPLA to approve the funds and order the necessary materials. 

Please fill out the event application form to ensure that you have the best possible experience in Kodiak.